FAA changes Special Issurance medical certification

A major change has been made to the medical certification process for several common diagnoses that previously required a special issuance and a review process by the FAA prior to issuing a medical certificate. According to a report at EAA.org, under the new policy applicants with arthritis, asthma, glaucoma, chronic hepatitis C, hypertension, hypothyroidism, migraine and chronic headache, pre-diabetes, and renal cancer can receive their medical certificates directly from their AME.


  1. Mack says

    Why didn’t they sequester all those de-certify/re-certify guys? Maybe they don’t object to the Obama’s vacations?

    Obama will put more federal tax on gas, he can’t do without those vacations!

    Lycoming is finally certifying mogas for it’s engines, but just the perfumed mogas, 91UL, or whatever they call it, in Europe only. On this side of the hemisphere, mogas doesn’t work, perfumed or not!

    I’m just saying, it’s all about political nonsense, medical or gasoline, they’re trying to kill freeworld GA.

    Pretty soon there won’t be anyone qualified for GA, unless they have a portfolio like Queen Noor, savvy?

  2. RudyH says

    Fine shortcut for getting the med. cert. from the examiner for conditions that should not adversely affect aviator flight decision making and/or aviating skills/abilities…seeing and getting the ‘paper’ for the periodic requirements from the examiner will keep the ‘majority’ honest in the medical matters….

  3. Dick Russell says

    Now if the (FAA) will just get reasonable and allow self certification for anyone Not involved in commercial operations flying any GA airplane weighing less than 12,500 pounds. After all, glider pilots even those involved with sight seeing commercial operations (charging for their services), are at present allowed to “self certify” they are healthy enough to fly.

  4. says

    Can you believe that the federal government is actually capable of getting something right? Quite a shock. Maybe now they will consider the complete exemption for the medical for certain classes of GA Pilots. Who knows,, we can always hope.

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