Congress gives FAA flexibility

Officials at the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association praised Congress for passing legislation that would give the FAA the flexibility to make more measured decisions about spending cuts, including staffing and contract towers. According to a story at, the legislation allows the Department of Transportation to move $253 million to the FAA’s operations account. The agency can then use the money to stop furloughs and potentially keep open many of the 149 air traffic control towers slated for closure.


  1. Leonard Nolden says

    Rob from peter to pay Paul, then pilots will still suffer in the end, but, of course we can always go back to $100.00 take off fees, and if thats not enough we could charge $100.00 landing fees, then no-one would land and we could eventualy eleminate runways!

    • Jscott says

      The FAA is apparently going to use the uncommitted funds in the Airport Improvement Program. Good for them! From what I have seen, the AIP is a much abused program. Not that airports don’t need improvement or help funding improvements. But, the current implementation creates a pork barrel, make work program with greedy municipalities getting funding for what is often times dumb and unnecessary “improvements” that are often times detrimental to the aviation community. Why? Simple. The FAA pays 90% of the funding. The state pays 5%. The local municipality kicks in 5%, then charges 8% gross receipts tax on 100% of the work, creating a 3% windfall for every dollar spent on “improvements”.

  2. Otto H. Keesling says

    Congress flies, that is not too complicated as to why they got off their butts and made an intelligent decision.

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