‘Game-changing’ GA tax bill inked in Indiana

Pilots fueling up general aviation aircraft in Indiana can expect to see savings of $100, $250, or more each time they taxi to the pumps now that lawmakers have passed a package of aviation tax exemptions and restructurings. According to a report at AOPA.org, the joy also will extend to lower sales-tax line items on their aircraft maintenance bills — and that should provide a shot in the arm to the state’s aviation industry and even rid Indiana of a reputation for imposing the highest fuel taxes in the nation.


  1. Yvonne Chenevert says

    How does Indiana fund the aviation priority program in their state ? Do they have an Aviation Trust Fund, which is comprised from the taxes on fuel, etc. that goes into the fund which in turn is used at airports for projects (improvements, safety, maintenance of pavement, lighting, etc.) ?

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