Maximum Manuals automates manual creation

Maximum Manuals has developed an automated process for manual creation. Operators are able to create, purchase, and receive their customized MELs and RVSM manuals in as little as two hours, according to company officials.

This is accomplished by using the SMART Manual Process. SMART is a Server Managed Automated Response Technology, accessible to all customers by setting up a free account on The SMART process creates Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs) and RVSM manuals automatically.

This technology has been in development over the last two years and is now being released to the business aviation industry, company officials note. During the testing phase of the SMART process manuals have been created and submitted to FSDOs around the US for review, receiving positive feedback.

The MELs are created either as a company specific fleet or an individual manual documenting all of the aircraft equipment and systems installed. The RVSM is a turnkey solution incorporating not just the Operations and Maintenance manuals but the application and job-aid to the FAA.

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