Summer camps set at Lewis University

ROMEOVILLE, Ill. — Lewis University will host several summer camps for aviation, leadership, and math and science. All camps will be taught by full-time faculty and will be held at the university’s main campus.

Aviation Flight Camp (high school students), June 17-21: The cost to attend is $1,290 for the week, which includes room and board. Participants will have the opportunity to fly in Cessna 172s each day, take a behind-the-scenes tour of O’Hare International Airport, participate in various aviation classes, use flight simulators and learn about the aviation industry from current professionals in aviation. Aviation history, meteorology and flight theory will be some of the topics discussed by Lewis aviation professors. Participants will also have access to the Lewis fleet of 25 airplanes, as well as experiencing air travel with a flight instructor.

Exploring Sustainability, Energy, and Nanotechnology (middle school and junior high school students), June 17-20, 8:30 am – 4 pm: The cost of the program is $300, which includes food, T-shirt, activities, and experiments. During the day camp, middle school/junior high school students explore the interdisciplinary nature of science as it relates to the world around them. Experiments include building their own solar cell, cleaning up an oil spill and designing a wind turbine.

Guardians of Cyberspace (high school students), July 11-12, 9 am to noon: The cost of the program is $50 and includes a T-shirt. The two-day seminar will introduce participants to the fascinating world of cybersecurity by showing the tools professionals use to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

Lewis University Nanotechnology Experience (high school juniors and seniors), June 17- 21, 8:30 am – 4 pm: The cost of the program is $350, which includes food, T-shirt, activities and experiments. The Lewis University nanotechnology experience is a day camp that provides an  opportunity for high school students entering their junior/senior year to explore the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology. Experiments include the synthesis of gold nano-particles, preparation of ferrofluids, construction of dye sensitized solar cell and synthesis of quantum dots, LEDs and OLEDs, holograms.

Learning to Lead (high school students), July 25-26, 9 am – 4 pm: The cost of the program is $65 and includes lunch, snacks, T-shirt and certificate of completion. The two-day interactive program will focus on leadership, team building and positive group outcomes. It is designed for those who hold leadership positions in high school (student council, sports, clubs, honor societies, etc.) as well as those who aspire to be leaders in the future. Faculty are trained experts in the areas of positive leadership, team building, effective communication and ethical decision making.

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