Documentary on Cliff Robertson underway

Academy Award winner Cliff Robertson was a talented actor and a skilled and accomplished aviator and no doubt both will be featured prominently in a planned documentary to honor him.

Steve Thompson, who worked with Robertson for several years, has kicked off an IndieGoGo campaign to raise $9,500 to cover the development costs.

“I want this project to be a gift to Cliff’s family from everyone who knew him, and everyone who appreciated his work,” says Thompson. “I don’t want to ask anyone to work on the project for free, or ask Cliff’s family for any financial support. The entire project will be funded through donations through our IndieGoGo campaign.”

“I was fortunate to find the video of Cliff that displays on the IndieGoGo campaign, because it is Cliff himself speaking, not him portraying a character,” he continued. “You can see for yourself the man’s genuine values and concern for moral integrity in his work.”

Director/Producer Brian Gillogly (Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story, in which Cliff appeared) has agreed to direct the film.

Development activities include: Determination of the legal entity for the project; creating a basic initial script outline; decisions regarding which films to include, who to contact from each film, who to contact in aviation, and who to contact regarding Cliff’s humanitarian work. And development of a more detailed, accurate production budget and schedule, Thompson said.

The filmmakers note they are open to suggestions on who should appear in the documentary, but add they are specifically looking for people who shared aviation experiences with Robertson.


  1. Walt Ray says

    I remember one time Cliff flew into Newport with a couple who charted the flight, Cliff
    came over to the lunch counter and had a coffee, those at the counter recognized him but the folks he brought in did not, he was just the pilot of the plane.

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