‘Aircraft’ should delight readers

Are you on the hunt for a new history of aviation book? If so, “Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History” should pique your interest. The 300+ page book is full of more than 800 color pictures, divided into 10 chapters. Each chapter, except the first, dives into aviation history, by decade.

The layout is compelling and makes flipping through the book easy and enjoyable. If the importance of a history book is judged by its weight, “Airport” should rank near the top at nearly four pounds. The binding, printing and paper are top grade.

From the Entertainment Marketing Group press release, “Aircraft: The Definitive Visual History traces the history and role of the aircraft, cataloging the diverse spectrum of flying machines from the first prototypes to today’s supersonic jets. The book will not only cover the technological developments and manufacture of aircraft, but also the cultural backdrop against which the various models arose, and the enduring impact that aircraft has had on society as an object of curiosity, a symbol of luxury, and an essential weapon of war.”

The book retails for $40, and can be purchased at dk.com.

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