Flight school this summer at Pacific Aviation Museum

HONOLULU — Flight School for sixth to eighth grade students will be in session again this summer at Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Harbor. The program introduces middle school students to the history and science of flight on three consecutive weekdays.

Flight School for Girls will be held May 28~30, June 18~20, June 25~27, and July 24~26. Flight School for Boys will be held June 5~7 and July 16~18. Advanced Flight School for Girls will be held July 9~11.

Students learn the basics of flight through demonstrations and experiments, tour historic aircraft, fly remote control planes, and “take to the skies” in the museum’s flight simulation lab. They meet historic pioneers of aviation through presentations made by costumed interpreters such as Amelia Earhart and Rosie the Riveter.

FlightSchool2“This is a hands-on program that introduces youth to the heroes and pioneers of aviation, and helps them consider future careers in science, technology, engineering and math,” explains Dr. Shauna Tonkin who, as Director of Education at the Museum, developed the curriculum.

Upon successful completion of Flight School, the students celebrate with a Winging Ceremony.

For more information: PacificAviationMuseum.org


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