‘Airpark’ aims to connect kids with aviators

Getting the next generation of aviators inspired to fly and out to the airport is the focus of Tony Pfau, Stephen McKissen and a group of student filmmakers. “The show will be a family oriented TV show to attract youth to aviation,” said Pfau in an email to General Aviation News.

In a follow-up conversation, Pfau admitted he’s not a pilot. His background is in the motion picture industry. “I’m trying to instigate conversations around the dinner table,” Pfau said. “Engaging kids to go build a glider, tie it together with some learning and hopefully more.”

Pfau is seeking sponsors to produce a pilot show. A 7-minute promo can be seen at www.airparktv.com or below.

The promo is beautifully shot with a nice mix of at-the-airport interviews, historical footage and re-enactment.

In the spirit of aviation, the show (to this point) will be filmed with aspiring film students. They will use Airpark to gain valuable filmmaking experience, just like kids of yesterday traded washing planes for rides.

Pfau seeks to raise $30,000-$50,000 to produce a “full 22 minute television episode.” Learn more at www.airparktv.com.

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