MyGoFlight sponsors IMC Club, promote iPad proficiency

DENVER, Colo. – MyGoFlight has become a corporate sponsor of the IMC Cub. MyGoFlight will provide its iPad products for use in awards given by the IMC Club to pilots achieving national recognition on their instrument flying.

In addition, MyGoFlight will make available its seminar series, iPad Takes Flight!. This learning track will be used to set proficiency standards in using the iPad in-flight. It will help to demonstrate the speed in which pilots can make key decisions using their iPad.

“We are very excited to have MyGoFlight become a corporate sponsor,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, president, IMC Club International. “MyGoFlight was an early pioneer of making the iPad cockpit friendly with their focus on high quality gear for pilots taking their iPads into their airplanes. They, along with Independence Aviation out of Denver, Colorado, have pioneered education to help pilots effectively use their iPad in-flight. Their latest version, iPad Takes Flight! Advanced. helps pilots see what it looks like to have mastered and be proficient in the use of the iPad in-flight.”

“The IMC Club provides a forum for instrument rated pilots to come together and share stories and learnings from real pilots flying real trips,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight and instrument rated pilot. “We are excited to help Radek and the IMC Chapters promote the use of the iPad to make pilots more proficient and make flying safer. Our goal is for pilots and their instructors to incorporate the iPad in-flight as another avionics instrument, to establish proficiency standards and to build capabilities that go far beyond paper chart replacement. Capabilities that will help pilots make better and faster decisions allowing them more time to look outside and fly the plane.”

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