Controlling the sky

Ever wonder about the secrets behind airshows? The Aviators are now at work on Air Boss, a documentary series that follows the career of Wayne Boggs, the brother of Boston Red Sox Hall-of-Famer Wade Boggs. Through his experiences, we all get a chance to see the inner circle of airshow performers to understand what keeps them going, despite collisions, crashes, and even natural disasters.

As a professional air boss for more than two decades, Boggs has seen it all. While 2012 was an especially deadly year for air shows, he is the man most trusted by pilots risking their lives for the thrill of the show. The veteran air show director and aerial choreographer is the recipient of the International Council of Air Shows’ (ICAS) “Sword of Excellence” award, which is among the most prestigious awards in the industry.

“This is a very special and unique group of people,” says producer and creator Anthony Nalli. “Despite being consummate show people, they are generally very introverted personally. On very rare occasions where they do open up, they sure as heck don’t for just anyone. The brand equity of The Aviators has helped us establish a trust within that world — an honor we treasure. Of course, having Boss Boggs vouch for us never hurts too!”

Boggs serves as the gateway into the world of airshows never before seen, according to the producers. His tough edge comes from his service as a U.S. Marine in Vietnam. He also served for years as a senior official with the FAA.

“Those people that do this, and us that are associated in the business, and support this business, know what the risks are,” says Boggs. “I’ve seen a number of my friends die right in front of me, and believe me, it takes a toll on you.”

The docuseries will also be joined by world-famous air show announcer Rob Reider, who is known for his on-camera instruction through Sporty’s Pilot Shop, as well as delivering the “Tip of the Week” on The Aviators.

Air Boss will premiere in 2014 in many of the same 100+ countries currently airing The Aviators.


  1. Truman McCarter says

    A quote from Wilbur Wright 1901

    ” If you are looking for perfect safety, you will do well to sit on a fence and watch the birds;
    but if you really wish to learn,
    you must mount a machine and
    become acquainted with it’s tricks by actual trial.”

  2. Dale Walker says

    Congratulations Wayne…all I have to say is…”OUTSTANDING!”

    It was a real pleasure working with you on the warbirds weather briefings at OSH for all those years.

  3. Richard Baker says

    Was a 23 year skydiver and people would ask me if I had a death wish. My answer was “No, man. I want to live!”. Same with these folks, I’ll reckon. Yes, there is risk involved but life is more than sitting on the couch watching TV.

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