US Aviation launches iPad app

US Aviation Academy has launched an iPad application. Aside from videos describing US Aviation and its flight training programs, the app has a library full of resources.

Safety Briefs and Safety Advisor publications from AOPA’s Air Safety Institute are included, as are FAA handbooks such as the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge, Risk Management handbook, and many others. FAA PTS Practical Test Standards for Private, Commercial and Instrument Pilots are in the app, along with the current FAR AIM.

Chris Ramey, International and Domestic Program Director at USAA, states “The application is customized for students’ and instructors’ training course for which they are enrolled. Instructors can easily monitor progress and it facilitates self-study or 141 training efforts with instructor guided tutorials, briefings and videos, syllabi, sectionals, approach plates and the full training library, which contains the aircraft’s Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH), check lists, Flight Operations Manual and such. You will use your iPad on the ground and in the aircraft.”

The app includes an e-kneeboard function that provides seamless sectionals and allows for the overlay of weather, traffic and approach plates. It also allows for flight planning. Airport information is at a touch of the screen. Just one tap on the airport and all approaches, current weather, airport information and Airport Facilities Directory are displayed.

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