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All iFlightPlanner.com maps, including the VFR and IFR charts available at iFlightPlanner.com/AviationCharts and those found in the Flight Wizard, now feature vertical airspace profiles and a redesigned mapping interface with full-screen viewing capability.

Special Use Airspace (NSA, MOA, Alert, Warning, Prohibited and Restricted Areas) as well as Class B, C, D and E airspace information is accessible by a point-and-click method that provides access to a direct data feed from the FAA through iFlightPlanner, which includes distinct airspace shapes, vertical altitude limits, times of use and contact information for each. Previously available graphical AIRMETs, SIGMETs and TFRs were also integrated into the upgraded airspace and mapping functionality.

To view the airspace information, left or right click anywhere on a map and select the “View Airspace Info” option. When the airspace pop-up window appears on the right side of the screen, pilots can then hover over the “Area” or “Base Area” line item to see that specific airspace highlighted on the map or click the page icon to access the area’s full text definition.

The new features were the direct result of feedback from a vocal group of new members, according to company officials.

“We’ve made it known since the beginning that our members have a direct line of communication with the iFlightPlanner crew to help shape the future of our products,” said Andy Matthews, iFlightPlanner’s co-founder and director of business dDevelopment. “We received a significant number of suggestions over the past few months for SUA and class airspace functionality to be added to our mapping technology on iFlightPlanner.com. That functionality, combined with the ability to view our online maps in a full-screen mode, have been delivered in a very short period of time with an overwhelmingly positive response!”

With the addition of the new SUA and Class Airspace layers iFlightPlanner has launched an initiative where new iFlightPlanner Premium features will be available to all iFlightPlanner members, Free and Premium, at no cost for a 60-day comment and feedback period before they are moved into iFlightPlanner Premium. The trials will revolve around the new iFlightPlanner Forums that were launched in conjunction with this update, and the iFlightPlanner Crew is encouraging its members to “kick the tires and put each new feature through the ringer,” said iFlightPlanner’s Co- Founder & Director of Technology John Burnside. “Let us know what you like, what needs to be tweaked and what we can continue to do to make iFlightPlanner the best and most comprehensive resource for you.”

The iFlightPlanner forums can be accessed by visiting iFlightPlanner.com/Forum and the current Premium Trial period, which will run through AirVenture 2013, ends the middle of August.

For more information or to join iFlightPlanner if you’re not yet a member, head to iFlightPlanner.com/Join.

Premium memberships start at $9.95 a month, $24.95 aquarter and $89.95 annually and include access to iFlightPlanner’s cloud-based flight planning solution featuring iFlightPlanner for iPad presented by Sennheiser.

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