SyberJet chooses Cedar City, Utah, for HQ and plant

SyberJet Aircraft, new owner of the SJ30 light jet program, has selected Cedar City, Utah, as the location for its headquarters and assembly plant.

Syberjet’s parent company, MSC Aerospace, purchased the SJ30 assets from Emivest Aerospace for $3.5 million in cash. Emivest filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy last October.

“Our decision to locate the SJ30 assembly facility and SyberJet headquarters in Utah is a result of the incentive package offered by local and state officials and the pro-business climate that exists in the state,” said David Grant, chairman of MSC Aerospace.

SyberJet’s sister company, Metalcraft Technologies, has been supporting the aircraft industry for nearly 25 years from Southern Utah. MTI will be a major subcontractor to SJA, manufacturing and assembling the majority of the SJ30 airframe structure.

Both state and local governments offered a multi-year tax incentive package with a combined value in excess of $43 million to entice MSC to locate the SJA headquarters and assembly facility in Cedar City and expand MTI’s operations in Utah, according to company officials.

Chuck Taylor, SyberJet’s president, commented, “We are pleased with the decision to expand our operations in Utah. Our expansion in Utah, coupled with our existing San Antonio operations, will allow SJA to fly new SJ30s off the runway at the Cedar City Municipal Airport (CDC).”

SyberJet’s plans call for completing the development and certification of a new SyberVision avionics suite and ramping up the SJ30 production line in Cedar City over the next two years.

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  1. Milton Wood says

    I have had the honor to work on the SJ-30, during the flight tests and production, and would say it is the best aircraft I have ever been part of. I wish it the very best.

  2. JImmie says

    I have been following the SJ-30 from the beginning. It is fine jet for the cost, and having it built in the US is great.

  3. Joe McGrath says

    LOVE the airplane! So happy it’s now back in AMERICAN hands again!

    Former Sleek and Shiny Slightly Supersonic Super Saber pilot!


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