Beechcraft delivers first Baron with ISR package

Beechcraft Corp. reported today at the Paris Air Show that it recently delivered the first Baron G58 with Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities to the Fuerzas Unidas de Rápida Acción (FURA), an agency within the Puerto Rico Police Department that uses the aircraft for law enforcement surveillance missions.

The company first introduced its version of its twin-engine piston Baron G58 aircraft with ISR capabilities last year at the Farnborough International Airshow, and plans to launch a company demonstrator aircraft in the fourth quarter of this year, according to officials.

“Since we first introduced the Baron G58 ISR concept last year, we have seen interest from countries around the world needing a light aircraft solution that offers a balance of high dash speeds, long endurance, state-of-the-art glass cockpit avionics, exceptional flying and handling qualities, a rugged airframe and low operating costs,” said Dan Keady, Beechcraft senior vice president, Special Missions.

The Baron G58 ISR package includes a FLIR 230-HD electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) camera system, an operator’s console which houses the mapping/mission management computer, a recorder and a multi-band communications radio system and data link for special mission operators.

The 230-HD EO/IR camera has the ability to virtually see both day and night, over land and water, in both good and poor weather, according to company officials. The mission mapping system provides the camera operator with a visual representation of the target location. The multi-band communications radio gives the flight crew and the sensor operator the ability to communicate directly with the military, police vehicles, coast guard and other maritime vessels and the recorder provides court admissible evidence for prosecution.

All of the surveillance mission equipment for the Beechcraft Baron G58 ISR is commercially available. While the physical integration of the mission sensors to the airframe is highly specialized, the mission package integration is done without customized software, making it easy to troubleshoot and maintain in the field, company officials noted.

Standard features of the Baron G58 ISR include:

  • Garmin 1000 integrated avionics suite and all-weather capability
  • An automatic climate control system
  • Redesigned cockpit and cabin seats
  • Large doors for quick installation/removal of mission equipment
  • Large nose baggage space (up to 300 lbs.)
  • Digital 4-color, vertical profile weather radar
  • Short field capability

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    As a former ISR naval pilot with the french Navy, I’m on the verge of setting up a new private “Aerial Survey” partnering with Sub-Saharan countries for ISR activity in this
    I would like to receive “paper literature” about this new ISR Baron which could be
    the perfect platform for my micro- project.
    Best regards,

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