Renting an airplane just got easier

The process of renting an airplane should be as easy as renting a car. Hopefully you’ve heard of OpenAirplane before now, but in case you haven’t, renting an airplane just got easier.

Rod Rakic, co-founder of OpenAirplane, announced via email on Monday the first six operators (see list below) have opened:

  • New York - Academy of Aviation at Republic Airport (RPG)
  • Los Angeles - California Flight Center at Long Beach Airport (LGB)
  • Chicago  - Chicago Executive Flight School at Chicago Executive Airport (PWK)
  • San Jose - Trade Winds Aviation at Reid-Hillview Airport (RHV)
  • Kissimmee - SunState Aviation at Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM)
  • Detroit - Troy Aviation Experience at Oakland/Troy Airport (VLL)

“We’ll be on-boarding more Operators around the country soon,” says Rakic.

In a nutshell, the OpenAirplane concept revolves around a universal pilot check-out. Complete the check-out and you’ll be able to rent aircraft from any OpenAirplane operator in moments.

“96% of pilots told us they would fly more, if there was a simpler way to rent airplanes,” says Rakic. “Over 5,800 pilots have already signed up with us prior to launch, because we’re helping make a pilot’s certificate more useful.”


  1. Dave Hill says:

    The old “Lease-a-plane” model is back. I was wondering when this would happen.

  2. Greg Novotny says:

    Talk about a GREAT concept! This will enhance safety, proficiency and overall confidence in General aviation. Bravo!!

  3. John Jardine says:

    This is so logical that I venture to say it is brilliant. My only hesitation for awarding such high praise is that I cannot believe this has taken so long….

  4. Great concept, wish I would have thought of this business model. It’s always been frustrating being out of town wanting to see the local area from the air without going through a check-out or hiring a flight instructor to go along. Now this is possible with OpenSource, awesome!

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