Broken Wing project debuts

Renegade Light Sport recently unveiled its Broken Wing project for wounded warriors. Officials with the company, which recently relocated to Saint Lucie County Airport in Fort Pierce, Florida, said, “We will introduce our injured military heroes to the freedom of flight using two specially designed and equipped SC07 Speed Cruisers.”

Speed Cruiser offers a low entry with wide door opening and has been fitted with hand controls.

Renegade boss Christopher “Doc” Bailey added that he “doesn’t believe our warriors should be expected to pay a single penny to fly.” He has been seeking corporate sponsors to offer a student at a time the chance to learn to fly at Renegade’s Flight Training Center.

A former medevac helicopter pilot in the Army, Doc insists that “having sacrificed for their nation, these soldiers should be offered the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the life-changing experience of flight without worry of financial obligation.”

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