A safe place to go

Current Island, Eleuthera in the Bahamas is a little bit nicer, thanks to the generosity of pilots. Zion Children’s Home dedicated two homes, June 23, that can accommodate sixteen abused or neglected boys and girls. Volunteer pilots from Bahamas Habitat  over a two-and-one-half year period, “flew about 25 aircraft loads of supplies to the islands.” AOPA’s Alyssa Miller wrote a nice story which is posted on the AOPA website. This is the kind of cause we need to share with our non-pilot friends.


  1. Linda S. Berl says

    There have been pilots hauling supplies and raising money for an orphanage on CAT Island for many years. They also repaired Hurricane damage, and all out of their Christian pilot pockets.
    These pilots are generally from the Boca Raton area, and are known as the “Boca Boys”.

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