Air Safety Institute offers new online flight instructor refresher course

The Air Safety Institute (ASI), a division of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) Foundation, has launched a new online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (eFIRC).

In the new course, a CFI can enroll and work towards certificate renewal as early as two years before the expiration date of their certificates, according to association officials. The new eFIRC course is also available on any mobile device or personal computer.

All CFIs – not just AOPA members — can enroll in the course at

“We know some CFIs cram to complete their FIRC in the last few days before their instructor certificate expires,” said Kristine Hartzell, chief flight instructor and director of flight training at the Air Safety Institute. “But with eFIRC, instructors can enroll two years before their CFI expiration date and spread out training to just 10 minutes a week, on average. Plus, CFIs who have recently taken ASI online courses may have already completed some of the required eFIRC modules.”

In addition, eFIRC lets instructors choose the electives they find most relevant. New courses and updated information will be continually added; ensuring that content remains relevant as regulations change and new aviation safety information is released, officials said.

ASI’s eFIRC also meets the Transportation Security Administration’s training requirement for security awareness training for CFIs.

ASI’s eFIRC also offers:

  • A tablet-friendly format;
  • Credit for a selection of completed ASI online courses;
  • A temporary certificate and all FAA paperwork;
  • 24/7 technical support;
  • A free, 6-month FlyQ EFB subscription.

After enrolling, AOPA will send CFIs a thumb drive preloaded with the full aviation regulations, the Aeronautical Information Manual, FAA handbooks, relevant advisory circulars, Practical Test Standards, ASI Joseph T. Nall Report, AOPA Flight Training Field Guides, airspace flash cards, ASI safety reports and much more.

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