LISA Airplanes restarts work on Akoya amphib

Le Bourget du Lac, France — LISA Airplanes has restarted development of the Akoya amphibious Light-Sport Aircraft,  after the company was put in receivership last August.

“LISA Airplanes went through the economic turbulences and is now able to finalize its emblematic airplane and its international business development,” company officials said in a prepared statement.

The company “coped with its observation period due to receivership during spring, allowing its employees to restart the Akoya program,” the statement continues. “With even more fervor, everyone is back to the production preparation of the multi-access airplane and its certification program.”

LISA officials voluntarily put the company into receivership. The receivership basically bought time for the company, protecting its assets while officials scrambled to find new financing.

LISA officials said the company will exhibit at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, occupying the same location as last year — Booth 446 in the main aircraft display area.

“Because LISA is focused on its clients’ deliveries, the AKOYA airplane won’t be part of the transatlantic trip this year in order to carry on its different tests around the Bourget du Lac in Savoy, France,” officials noted.

The two-seater amphibious airplane features “multi-access technology” that is a combination of two hydrofoils, a retractable landing gear equipped with skis and folding wings. The Akoya is designed to fit in the Light-Sport Aircraft category.



  1. Paul says

    At the price of 300,000 Euros this airplane is DOA. It may look sexy but for that money you can get new 4-seat airplane that is not an LSA or if you want amphibian you may wait for Icon I5 which supposedly would cost you around $140K

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