LiveAirShowTV to provide video for AirVenture 2013

PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – The Experimental Aircraft Association has chosen LiveAirShowTV to provide LIVE coverage of AirVenture, July 30-August 3. Multiple cameras will capture the action in the sky and on the ground and feed it to large LED screens at show center. Mark Magin of On Board Images will bring in-cockpit video from several planes, the performers parking area, and of course Jetman.

Each morning, the LED screens will come alive with programming provided by EAA’s video team, as well as feature videos from LiveAirShowTV. At 2:30 each afternoon, the air show kicks off and fans will get an even better look at the airshow industry’s best performers. The act that has gotten a great deal of attention is Jetman. Yves Rossy will be taken aloft by helicopter and then fall away and fire up his jet engines to fly around the skies above Wittman Regional Airport.  AirVenture attendees will be on board with him via cameras mounted to his winged suit.

“Our goal has always been to take fans where they can’t go at an airshow,” said Jeff Lee, president of LiveAirShowTV.  “This may be the highest form of that.  Fans will ride along with Yves.  We are excited to be able to capture this great event and bring it to the fans on the field with special in-depth views that adds to what they see during the show.”

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