Starr Aviation partners with SAFE on accident forgiveness

Starr Aviation, a division of Starr Indemnity & Liability Co., recently partnered with the Society of Aviation and Flight Educators (SAFE) and Redbird Flight Simulations to reward participation in the Pilot Proficiency Project.

Available at major aviation events, the project offers a series of FAA WINGS-approved seminars and simulator training scenarios that address common causes of general aviation accidents.

Starr policyholders participating in seminars and/or simulator training will receive the benefits of the Accident Forgiveness Endorsement, waiving any premium increase due to an accident occurring after the certification (certain overriding events excluded).

Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President of Starr Aviation’s Light Aircraft division said, “We appreciate the great work SAFE and Redbird are doing with the Pilot Proficiency Project, and want to further incentivize participation by our insureds. Participation in this project clearly demonstrates a pilot’s commitment to safety, and Starr wants to reward this kind of effort.”

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