Deohako introduces aviation iPad case and mounting system

Recently introduced is the Deohako Aviation iPad Case and Mounting System that works as an iPad kneeboard, iPad yoke mount and iPad suction cup mount, all within one design.

LegBraceAirplaneAt the heart of the Deohako Aviation iPad System is the iPad case itself. It has a natively connection system built into the case that mounts to various pieces depending on your need. The Deohako iPad Case attaches to the kneeboard and the yoke, as well as to a strong adhesive suction cup for mounting the iPad to your windshield.

HeadrestmountairplaneThe Deohako Aviation iPad Case supports the iPad 2, 3, and iPad with Retina Display, in addition to the iPad mini.

See it in action here.

Deohako is an iPad case and mounting system manufacturer based in Austin, Texas. For more information:

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