WingX Pro7 integrates Baron Services weather

Hilton Software and Baron Services have teamed to offer Baron’s advanced weather data integrated within WingX Pro7 Version 7.0.

This combination delivers to pilots the ability to graphically display both real-time and predictive weather information with their flight plan. The result is a highly customizable interactive map with a split screen view, according to company officials.

WingX Pro7 is available for download in the Apple App Store and is a free update for existing customers.

WingXPro7-V7-Wx-H512WingX Pro7 has combined Baron’s predictive weather information and graphics with its mobile aviation application. This timely weather information is tailored to the pilot’s planning and flying conditions, enabling improved decision-making and enhanced flexibility and control for the pilot, according to officials.

WingX Pro7’s split screen allows pilots to view different types of weather information, including composite radar, both visible and IR satellite and severe weather forecasts at various zoom levels. Additionally, pilots are able to adjust the animation rate and control the bandwidth required for download by changing the resolution of the weather graphics. Pilots also have the option of changing the transparency of the weather display in order to take full advantage of the moving sectional map, terrain view and enroute charts.

“Our customers have asked for sophisticated weather data over the Internet both on the ground and in the air,” said Hilton Goldstein, founder of Hilton Software. “WingX Pro7 was the first major iPad app to display ADS-B weather and traffic for in-flight use. Now we are proudly partnering with Baron Services to not only deliver their trusted weather information that is used by XMWX, but also anticipating customer needs with a unique predictive weather capability plus the power to tailor weather displays to personal preferences.”

Bob Baron, President of Baron Services, said, “As a pilot, I am personally pleased to see the continued evolution of weather tools in aviation. The seamless integration of our location specific weather data within the graphical capabilities of WingX Pro7 will be a valuable resource for pilots using weather data they have already come to trust.”

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