MyGoFlight unveils new iPad display for pilots

MyGoFlight will unveil a new iPad display built for the rigors of the cockpit during this week’s AirVenture in Oshkosh. The MyGoFlight Sight Line Display (SLD) puts critical flight information in a pilot’s line of sight, company officials note.

It can take the heat with an operating temperature range between 0° to 140°F; is sunlight readable with a bright anti-glare display; and can be mounted without blocking existing instruments, officials note.

“This makes it now possible to have an iPad screen up on the glare shield eliminating the heads down time when viewing the iPad or blocking other instruments,” officials said in a prepared release. “This also helps those flying in large glass area cockpits in both airplanes and helicopters to now be able to see a screen not washed out by the sun or shut off by the heat.”

SLD In-Cockpit“The iPad has seen rapid adoption by pilots over the past three years. However, the iPad wasn’t designed for the heat, sun and space constraints of the cockpit environment,” said Charles Schneider, CEO of MyGoFlight. “The Sight Line Display provides a great companion to the iPad. It allows the pilot to use their iPad or iPhone close to them, but have the information displayed in a place easily viewed and easily seen.”

The SLD follows an open architecture and allows all apps to be remotely displayed onto its screen automatically out of the box and will work with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Developers using standard iOS protocols can write their software to take advantage of this display, company officials said. For example, eliminate on screen control buttons and create as much as 30% more viewable information. This splits control from display functions allowing the display to be mounted for best viewing while the iPad is placed for best operating.

SLD DiagramAn app can be designed to display information based on phase of flight automatically. Taxi diagrams can be auto zoomed with directional arrows displayed; auto switch to a PFD or synthetic vision or moving map on take-off; switch to an approach plate with altitude and speeds displayed in line of sight when that is part of the flight plan.

“The MyGoFlight Sight Line Display creates an opportunity to make the iPad much more usable and useful in the cockpit,” said Hilton Goldstein, CEO, Hilton Software, maker of WingX Pro7. “The SLD will enable us to provide critical information to a pilot while minimizing heads down time — useful when taxiing, on approach and in the air. We are excited to work with this technology and blend it into our future development efforts.”

The patent pending MyGoFlight Sight Line Display can be seen at the company’s flagship booth during Oshkosh in Hangar B, #2144. It will also be a part of the iPad Takes Flight! Advanced seminars at Oshkosh. For dates, times and locations for the seminars, click here.

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