Electronics International introduces primary replacement engine monitor

OSHKOSH — Electronics International has unveiled its newest Primary Certified, TSO’d engine monitor, the CGR-30P, which stands for Cluster Gauge Replacement.

As the name suggests, the monitor was designed to replace several certified, primary aircraft instruments in one standard 3-1/8” instrument. Because of the standard size, the CGR can replace any aircraft’s tachometer, according to company officials.

CGR-Main-Screen-LeftThe CGR allows pilots to replace many of their certified, primary engine instruments, including their Tachometer, Manifold Pressure instrument, Fuel Flow Totalizer, Oil Pressure/Temperature instruments, Bar Graph Engine Analyzers and more.

The CGR is available in three different standard packages for four-cylinder aircraft, three standard packages for six cylinder aircraft, plus dozens of optional add-ons.

Four Cylinder Packages start at a retail price of $3,596.

Six Cylinder Packages start at a retail price of $4,217.

Packages are back-ordered, and are scheduled to ship within the next six to eight weeks, officials report.

For more information: Buy-EI.com

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