iLevil AW introduced

The new iLevil AW ADS-B receiver for experimentals and light-sport aircraft (LSA) from Levil Technology integrates an AHRS, 978 MHz ADS-B receiver, WAAS GPS and iPad/Android compatibility using its integrated WiFi technology.

It also introduces three key features, including an integrated 8-32V power adapter, which allows direct connection to the airframe’s 12-24VDC system, leaving the cigarette lighter receptacle free for other portable systems.

With a direct connection to the main bus, automatic ON/OFF operations are now possible without the push of a button on each flight. In case of a power-failure emergency, the AW continues to function as a portable device by using its internal rechargeable battery, which can be operated by the integrated ON/OFF switch, or a remote one, installed directly on the panel, company officials explain.

AHRSUtilityWEBiLevil AW also provides reliable speed and altitude measurements, according to company officials. The iLevil AW connects directly to the aircraft’s pitot-static system, without the need to recalibrate the existing instruments, and its internal pressure transducers are already calibrated, providing “right now” airspeed and pressure altitude information while still monitoring ground speed and GPS altitude, officials note.

The iLevil AW also features two RS-232 ports, which facilitates connection between an iPad and the panel instruments. The AW outputs ADS-B and GPS information through one of its serial ports, enabling standard panel mounted avionics to access free weather and traffic information while the tablet is used simultaneously for backup or complimentary display.

The additional serial port can be used to communicate data in from external devices such as Zaon XRX traffic; when combined with an iLevil and WingX Pro7 software, the iPad facilitates all the traffic available to the pilot, even those that haven’t yet upgraded to ADS-B out, company officials said.

Grand Rapid Technologies, manufacturers of the EIS 4000/6000 series, partnered with Levil to offer full engine instrumentation display on the iPad when combined with an iLevil SW or AW.

The new iLevil AW is available now, priced at $1395.

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