iFly 720 bundle introduced

OSHKOSH — Complex and confusing In-Air Weather and Traffic can be a thing of the past for pilots with the new iFly 720 GPS/Vision-Pro ADS-B bundle presented by Adventure Pilot and SkyGuardTWX.

Pilots can choose from an iFly 720 with Dual-Band ADS-B Transceiver for $1,994 or an iFly 720 with AHRS enabled Single-Band ADS-B Transceiver for $2,394, including free shipping. The bundles will be available at AirVenture 2013, booth 3052.

VisionProClr300dpi_1This all-in-one GPS/ADS-B package allows pilots to flight plan, position track, and monitor ADS-B weather and traffic while in-flight. The iFly 720 includes a transceiver control panel for initial setup and functions like changing the squawk code, using the Ident commands and more.

Adventure Pilot manufactures portable moving map GPS devices for VFR and IFR pilots. SkyGuardTWX provides ADS-B Transceiver/Receiver solutions to enable pilots to benefit from the FAA’s NexGen ADS-B technology for subscription free Weather and Traffic.

For more information: 888-200-5129 or iFlyGPS.com


  1. Guido says

    You do buyers or shoppers a disservice by not clarifying that this is NOT all traffic, not yet. Can create a false sense of security until ADS-B Out is part of the package……..

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