New Garmin radios debut in Van’s RV-12

Garmin’s Team-X has been quietly developing a new unit to replace the SL-40.  Officials at Van’s Aircraft reveal they’ve been testing the new GTR200 comm radio/intercom in an RV-12 for a couple months and have decided to make the GTR200 the standard radio both both the kit-built and factory-built RV-12.

GRT200“It has Garmin’s usual excellent user interface, a first-class intercom and a very easy-to-read display,” Van’s officials said in a prepared release. “The GTR200, when paired with an EFIS supplied database, allows easy access to frequencies including ATIS, APRCH, TWR, CTAF and more.”

Full specifications and details of the GTR200 can be found here.

Kit orders received from now on will include the GTR200 and the necessary installation hardware, officials add.

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