Jeppesen expands e-book training library

OSHKOSH – Jeppesen has expanded its library of available training e-book titles, adding “Aircraft Gas Turbine Powerplant Textbook,” “Aviation Weather” and “Aviation Dictionary” to its libary.

IMAGE - Jeppesen e-book Aviation DictionaryJeppesen offers delivery of its e-book training textbooks and materials directly through its site for use with multiple delivery platforms, including Apple iOS and Android devices, and PC and Mac computers. Jeppesen e-book titles are also available through the Apple iBookstore for iOS devices, including iPad and iPhone.

A total of 12 Jeppesen e-book training titles are now available, including the Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery and A&P Technician series.

Jeppesen e-book training programs feature highlighting, bookmarking, note taking and search capabilities to enhance learning. Users are also able to use hyperlink functionality to access additional Web-based information for student learning. Once downloaded, Jeppesen e-books do not require an internet connection, so students are able to access e-book features on the go.

Jeppesen e-books purchased through are protected using Adobe Content Server (ACS) digital rights management (DRM) software. Registering for a free Adobe ID is recommended to view e-book material purchased from Jeppesen.

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