MT-Propeller achieves two milestones

MT-Propeller received FAA certification for the Mitsubishi MU-2B for its latest generation high performance composite propeller.

The five-blade MT-Propeller reduces cabin noise from 105 dB(A) to 90 dB(A) and improves the takeoff, climb- and cruise performance, according to company officials

The risk of a hot start is also reduced due to the faster start-up with the light composite blades. Furthermore, the composite blades also reduce the aircraft’s empty weight, officials add.

With 50,000 MT-Propeller blades manufactured, MT-Propeller has accumulated in 32 years of development and production more than 110 million flying hours without any in-flight hazardous failure, company officials note. There are no active ADs on any MT-propeller, officials add.

The high technology natural composite blades have no life limitation and can be repaired even in case of a FOD.

MT-Propeller is holder of 125 STCs worldwide and OEM supplier for more than 90% of the European aircraft industry, as well as 30 % of the US aircraft industry.

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  1. Robert McCulla says

    Is there any work being done by your company relating to installing and/or STCing your props on the Piaggio Avanti 2?

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