Sporty’s offers fresh approach to checklists

Now available from Sporty’s are Thru-View Checklists, which allow the checklist to remain in sight during your entire flight.

The checklists, available for many models of aircraft, are printed on transparent static-cling vinyl so they can be placed on a window, a clear visor or any smooth surface.

“The Thru-View Checklists aren’t intended to replace a full checklist,” says Sporty’s Vice President John Zimmerman. “But as a hands-free, always visible checklist, they can be a real safety improvement.”

The Thru-View Checklist requires no adhesive and includes a takeoff checklist, a before landing checklist and several emergency checklists.

The Thru-View Checklist [7605A] is available for $17.95. Aircraft make and model will be specified when you order at or by calling 800-SPORTYS.

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