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Do you have a favorite memory of Paul Poberezny? How about a story of how this general aviation icon inspired your own flying? We are putting together a tribute to Paul in our next print issue and would like to include our readers stories and thoughts. You can send them to or include them in the comments below.


  1. says

    I was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin, obtaining my Private Pilot license there in the early 70’s. Being a typical pilot and interested in all things aviation, I attended a monthly EAA get together held in the basement of Paul’s home, in Hales Corners WI., EAA Offices at the time. I went there to learn about the EAA and how it fit in general aviation. During the meeting I remember Paul asking our small group what other aviation organizations we belonged to. When none of us raised our hands confirming membership in other aviations organizations, Paul gently chastised us, commenting that general aviation needs all the support it can get. He recommended we join EAA, our local airport aviation organization and AOPA to support their efforts on our behalf. I never forgot that advice and still repeat it today in my efforts on behalf of the California Pilots Association. RIP Paul, and thank you for all of the wonderful work in support of general aviation.

  2. Bill Finney says

    I was in the Warbirds area at Oshkosh one year when Paul came walking through obviously heading somewhere in a bit of a rush. I said, “Hi, Paul”, fully expecting him to just say, “Hi”, and continue on his way. Instead, he stopped, turned around, and came back to talk with me. I didn’t expect him to take the time to stop and talk, but he did. He was definitely a people person. RIP.

  3. says

    I met Paul in the early nineties while participating in one of the week-long aircraft building workshops at Oshkosh. Paul made a point to speak with every one of us, not just “hi, how are you,” a real discussion. He stopped by several times during that week – airplanes and people were definitely his thing.

  4. Larry Portouw says

    I earned my pilot’s license in Steamboat Springs, Colorado when I was in high school in the late ’70s. One day a beautiful DC-3 showed up there. What do you know, it was the EAA’s and Paul Poberezny was flying it. He took the time to talk to a young, aspiring student pilot and presented me with a Lindberg commemorative key chain associated with the Spirit of St. Louis replica. I still have it today. It is a rare thing for a man to touch as many people and to so profoundly influence and change an activity as Paul did. RIP.

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