MIT, Harvard offer free online aviation courses

If you’re interested in airplanes and wish you knew more about aerodynamics — or air traffic control, space policy, satellite engineering or airline management — you can study all of those topics and more, for free, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, via the university’s OpenCourseware website, according to a post at AVweb. A bit intimidated? Don’t be, according to the AVweb post, which notes “there’s nothing to lose if you fail, and no limit on how many times you can re-take the course.”


    • Pardhomun BOODHRAM says

      I am interested in:

      a. Air Traffic Control
      b. Space Policy and
      c. Airline Management

      Grateful to be notified on the start of these courses as indicated above.

      Thank you.


      Jamuna BOODHRAM (Miss)

  1. Pardhomun BOODHRAM says

    We want to be advised in details on the free courses offered.

    Grateful for details to be emailed to: for prior study and appreciation, please.

    Thank you


    P Boodhram

  2. Cholo Pocholo says

    There are so many people who aspire to become a pilot someday and mostly it would stay just a dream because of financing challenges… The free online aviation courses are awesome!

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