WACO Aircraft featured on Science Channel

WACO Aircraft will be featured on the Discovery Network’s Science Channel series “How Do They Do It.”

HowTheyDoItAccording to WACO officials, a couple of different film crews spent several days at the WACO facility in Battle Creek, Mich. One of those crews was working on a piece for the Discovery Network’s show “How Do They Do It” airing on Discovery’s Science Channel.

The episode, which will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at how the WACO YMF is built, is scheduled to premiere Thursday, Sept. 5. Check your local TV schedule so you don’t miss the show.


  1. Drmikey says

    The new YMF is a good plane but not quite like the original YMF from ’35 nor close to the UPF-7. I own and fly a 1940 UPF-7, one of only 120 estimated to be flying in the world today, and it is an absolute joy when I take her out each week. I wouldn’t think of missing this program on the YMF.

  2. Jim Wreyford says

    It is on “How do they do that” on the Science channel.

    Love that plane. Have always wanted once since I was a kid. Well, back then I was lusting over the UPF-7 but close to the same thing. The YMF-5 is a heck of an airplane.

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