IMC Club collaborates with PALS

The IMC Club International and Patient Airlift Services (PALS) have teamed to promote pilot proficiency and volunteerism across their combined 2,600 members. PALS arranges charitable flights for those in need, with more than 3,500 flight legs scheduled to date. The IMC Club International supports advanced pilot instrument flight proficiency and safety through more than 70 chapters that meet monthly.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) just recently created the 72nd IMC Club chapter.

Special rebates and startup support will be given by IMC Club International team to all PALS pilots who choose to open an IMC Club Chapter at their airport, flight school or FBO.

“We appreciate the IMC Club International’s offer of special proficiency incentives to the PALS pilot community and the recommendation to IMC Club chapter instrument rated pilots to become PALS volunteer pilots,” said Eileen Minogue, Executive Director at PALS.

“We are excited to help grow the important community service provided by PALS and provide special incentives to PALS pilots who seek advanced instrument flying proficiency through IMC Club chapters. As a volunteer organization, the IMC Club members appreciate the importance of collaborating with passionate volunteers such as those at PALS,” said Radek Wyrzykowski, CFII and president of IMC Club International.

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