PilotWorkshops releases free IFR scenario training app

PilotWorkshops.com has announced the release of its new IFR scenario-based training app for the iPad. Called “IFR Mastery,” the free app provides two IFR scenarios based on PilotWorkshops’ IFR Mastery online training.

Within the app, pilots watch a video that sets the stage by putting them in a real, challenging IFR flight situation. After watching the video, pilots are presented with multiple options and relevant resources to help them decide which course of action to take. The pilot commits to their decision via a poll and immediately sees how their decision compares with thousands of other pilots.

Pilots are then presented with a brief instructional video where a PilotWorkshops instructor explains how he would have handled the situation, providing tips and tactics. Finally, a roundtable audio lets the pilot listen in as the entire PilotWorkshops’ team of instructors discusses the scenario and shares their own relevant experiences and strategies.

PilotWorkshops.com was founded in 2005 and is best-known for its free “Pilot’s Tip of the Week” emails received by more than 100,000 pilots each week. Created by a roster of nationally known flight instructors and experts, these tips cover single pilot IFR operations, weather, airmanship, ATC communications, emergencies and more. PilotWorkshops also creates and sells a range of pilot proficiency programs including its IFR Mastery scenario-based training.

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