Pipistrel introduces Sinus Flex

Pipistrel has introduced the Sinus Flex, a new model that adds Flex wingtips to the Sinus.

Sinus Flex model is identical to the standard Sinus, with the added bonus of interchangeable wing-tips, according to company officials. The outer 5-foot portions of each wing can be replaced with the short winglets of a Virus model.

“You couldn’t decide if you wanted a Pipistrel Sinus or a Pipistrel Virus? Now you can have both, a thermal-soaring Sinus motorglider which you can quickly and easily (about 5 minutes of work) transform into a small and fast Virus cruiser, which can fit into any hangar,” company officials said in a released statement.

A standard wrench is all that is needed to transform a Sinus into a Virus and back: The tips slide easily into the wing and back out and all it takes to secure them is about 10 turns with the wrench.

When not being used, the wingtips rest securely in the made-to-fit leather bags, which protect them for getting scratched or dirty.

Existing owners of Sinus aircraft can buy a new set of Flex wings, which includes both sets of exchangeable wingtips. Pipistrel will take the old set of wings into part exchange.

For more information: Pipistrel.si


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