iLog 2.0 released

Cockpit Apps, a company offering iPad solutions for the cockpit, has released iLOG 2.0, incorporating several new capabilities and enhancements resulting from customer input.

Introduced last year, iLOG provides pilots with a tool to create FAA-compliant flight and maintenance logs using an iPad. The app is designed to reduce a pilot’s workload while increasing efficiency and accuracy by logically following a pilot through a typical duty day, tracking critical components such as duty and flight time, VOR checks, and RVSM altimeter settings, according to company officials.

57The most robust improvement made in iLOG 2.0 is an optional MEL function that alerts the crew and maintenance personnel to Category A, B, C, and D MEL items, officials noted. With the MEL function turned on, iLOG 2.0 opens a page at the start of each duty day showing any outstanding MEL items, the status of each item, and when each item is due.

During the course of daily operations, the app automatically generates and sends an MEL report to the flight department’s maintenance team any time the aircraft’s status has changed, such as when an MEL item is added, when an MEL item has been addressed and closed, and when an MEL item has expired. Items are tracked by both date and flight hours, and expiration information is included in each report.

The new version of iLOG now tracks both hours and cycles for each log and pre-populates a crew’s out/off/on/in times using the industry standard of a one hour show, one hour go time, further reducing the crew’s workload.

Several other enhancements make iLOG 2.0 a viable tool for smaller aircraft operators as well, including a single pilot option and an RVSM On/Off option, company officials said.

Topping the list of improvements for iLOG 2.0 is the ease and format in which flight and maintenance logs are generated and distributed, officials said. The new version of iLOG allows users to customize the report by adding their company logo at the top of the log template and pilots can print or email the logs to the appropriate individuals in both PDF and html formats, making iLOG fully FAA-compliant.

iLOG 2.0 is now available through iTunes for the iPad. Current iLOG users can visit iTunes to upgrade their app for free.

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