ASA launches Prepware Online

Now available from ASA is Prepware Online, which provides preparation for FAA Knowledge Exams via a cloud-based system.

Students can take advantage of 12 month access to study features and practice test-taking from their database of choice using any Internet-connected device, including desktop or laptop computers, as well as tablets and smartphones. No software needs to be installed, and updates are handled automatically by ASA so students can be sure they are studying from the most current and accurate database available at any given time, according to company officials.

Features include access to the online CX-2 flight computer, creation of custom study sessions and quizzes on any subject or combination of subjects, and a search function thar allows students to locate a specific word, phrase, or Learning Statement Code in the entire database of questions, answers, and explanations.

Other benefits include review of missed questions, historical record of study sessions and tests, performance graphs for tracking progress, and issuance of test authorization (endorsement for pilot tests only) to take the official FAA Knowledge Exam.

Prepware Online can operate as a stand-alone study tool, yet accounts can also be used in conjunction with flight schools, colleges, and training institutions that use the latest version of Prepware School. Students who purchase Prepware Online and establish an account can request to “tie into” their school and “follow” a specific Instructor in order to access the quizzes assigned to them.

A 24-month subscription to Prepware Online is included free with the purchase of 2014 Prepware Software CD-ROM, Software Download, or Test Prep Bundle.

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  1. Dietrich Fecht says

    Yes, a very good offer.
    The individual progress how fast you learn, what mistakes you have done, how much time was needed and much more is stored in the computer cloud and everybody who has access to the cloud memory can have a look in it.
    If you want to keep it as your secret how fast you learn and with what progress you should think about learning without an online connection.

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