Instrument Rating Ground School MP3 released

Newly released from Tom Gorski, a Gold Seal CFI with more than 30 years of experience, is an instrument rating ground school in MP3 format.

Gorski describes the subject matter for questions and answers contained on the current FAA Instrument Rating Airplane Knowledge Test. Volume I makes each and every area of knowledge easy listening, he said. In Volume II each legend and figure from the FAA Instrument Rating Knowledge Test Supplement is explained, as related to actual test questions.

Gorski noted he has consolidated his MP3 ground school mostly verbatim from correct answer choices.

This MP3 ground school is best for new pilots who want their instrument rating, or instrument-rated pilots preparing for a proficiency check or flight review, he said. Also ground or flight instructors can personally benefit, or use this as a resource for their students.

With 2,000+ hours as flight instructor, and over 10,000 hours flying airplanes, Tom’s MP3 ground school helps prepare for studying the Instrument Rating knowledge test.

The MP3 ground school is available on popular music distribution sites such as CD Baby and iTunes (search for ASR).

Volume 1 is $9.95

Volume 2 is $9.95

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  1. iTunes sets their own prices. Each album volume is 9.95 on

  2. Warren Rheaume says:

    Itunes appears to be selling Volume 1 for $29.99, not $9.95.

    • Tom Gorski says:

      CD Baby is selling Volume 1 for $9.95 and Volume 2 for $9.95. iTunes sets their own prices and is charging a lot more.

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