Show the world you are a pilot

Show the world you are a pilot with the Carprop, a free spinning propeller mounted on the front of a car or truck, to indicate your enthusiasm for flying. As the car moves, the propeller spins.

This is not a toy, say company officials, who note the product has been field tested for years.

“We use the highest quality materials and workmanship,” officials said in a prepared statement. The products is made and assembled in the United States.

The Carprop contains an oversized propeller shaft bearing that self-lubricates, for longevity.

Mounting hardware is included and it installs in minutes, company officials note. The base can be painted to match your vehicle color (optional).

The Carprop comes in Runway Red, Cloud White, Blue Skiess, Sunny Yellow and Midnight Black.

For more information: 631-328-1960, 631-455-5285, or


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