FAA accepts JDA course for IA Refresher Training

The FAA has accepted JDA’s Aviation Industry Suspected Unapproved Parts (SUPs) Training Course as an approved Inspection Authorization (IA) refresher training program.

Acceptance by the FAA means that the JDA program, to be held Oct. 9-10, meets the requirements of 14 CFR Part 65, §65.93(a) (4), for IA renewal, according to company officials.

The FAA has assigned a program identification number to the JDA SUPS course. The number will remain on the FAA’s active list of accepted IA renewal courses for two years before it needs to be renewed. Attendees completing the training course will receive a certificate of training citing the FAA course number.

“In the past Industry was permitted to attend the FAA SUPS training course for FAA inspectors, a practice that was stopped a few years ago. Now, with this acceptance of our course by FAA, industry has an FAA-approved SUPS training course that attendees can use to meet initial and recurrent training requirements,” said Joe Del Balzo, JDA President.

The course is taught by former career FAA and DOT Flight Standards and Enforcement staff.

For more information: JDASolutions.aero

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