Online composite course registration closes Oct. 8

There is still time and space to register for the online Composite Structural Engineering (CSET) course offered by the National Institute for Aviation Research at Wichita State University. The registration deadline and start date for the course has been delayed by one week.

Officials note the current enrollment list for the course includes 11 FAA engineers,
which presents a unique situation, considering the federal government shutdown.

“Pending a resolution, students enrolled in this semester’s course will have a unique advantage, benefiting from the knowledge and input of the 1 FAA engineers enrolled in the course,” they noted.

The 10-week course will take place online Oct. 14-Dec. 20 with an optional hands-on laboratory taking place in Wichita Nov. 19-21.

Registration and the course syllabus are available online.

In the course students will:

  • Learn the basics of composite aircraft structure certification and gain a safety awareness of related engineering, manufacturing and maintenance principles.
  • Interface with expert structural engineers from industry and the FAA throughout the on-line class
  • Take the knowledge learned in the on-line class and apply it in a hands-on laboratory to practice principles of engineering, manufacturing, and maintenance of composite structures

The CSET course was developed by WSU’s National Institute for Aviation Research, industry experts and the FAA. It will provide students with an awareness of safety issues related to engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and certification of composite materials associated with civil aircraft structures, in accordance with AC 20-107B (Composite Aircraft Structure).

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