Soup’s On

Soup’s On at the Ocean City Airport (OXB) in Maryland from 11 a.m.–2 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday, beginning Oct. 19 until Nov. 24. Enjoy a cup of soup and dessert, and then view the Huey Veteran’s Memorial. Suggested donation is $5, in support of the Ocean City Aviation Association’s (OCAA) Huey restoration and future maintenance costs.

Contact either Coleman Bunting 410-726-7207 or Tom Oneto, 410-641-6888 for more information. Airport information and directions: Ops Desk, 410-213-2471.


  1. Marie Campbell says

    Where is Ocean City? Is this the one in Washington, Rhode Is. or New Jersey. Before I take the time to follow up it would be nice to know if it is in my neighborhood.

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