Former AOPA president appointed chairman of Redbird

Craig Fuller, who recently resigned as president of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, has been appointed chairman of the board at Redbird Flight Simulation.

Company founder Jerry Gregoire will focus on expansion strategies, research, and new product development.

“For those of us in love with the technology, success is a kind of a trap,” Gregoire said. “The more success you have, the bigger your company gets, the less time you have to touch the technology. To succeed in this environment, we need to constantly recruit top-flight leaders with experience and skills beyond the strictly technical. Craig’s combination of aviation and business savvy makes him the ideal choice to insure our continued success.”



Fuller added: “No one individual has done more innovative work introducing people to aviation and keeping them flying using simulation than Jerry Gregoire. I can’t wait to see what Redbird comes up with next. This opportunity to join the leadership team to build on Redbird’s remarkable success, while charting a course for the future, is a real privilege. I’m thrilled to accept the challenge.”

Gregoire says he’ll remain actively involved in day-to-day operations and the board, even though the title on his door will change. As Gregoire pilots his airplane regularly on Redbird business, he’ll receive the title “Chief Pilot.”

“Honestly,” says Gregoire, “that’s the job I’ve wanted all along.” 


  1. Kent Misegades says

    Just out of curiosity – does anyone know what Mr. Fuller’s retirement package from the AOPA is? Public corporations are obligated to provide such details – one would expect at least the same from member-supported organizations such as the AOPA and EAA. It has been claimed that Mr. Boyer’s retirement was $1m annually and free use of the AOPA Citation. Hard to imagine, but it would be knowing what the facts are for both gentlemen. The same for Tom Poberezny and Rod Hightower – why all the secrecy?

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