#NBAA13: FlightSafety enhances iPad app

LAS VEGAS — At this week’s National Business Aviation Association convention, FlightSafety International unveiled its newly enhanced training materials iPad app.

“FlightSafety’s newly enhanced iPad App offers interactive features that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of training while providing convenient access to pre-study and classroom course materials,” said Greg McGowan, Senior Vice President, Operations.

The app can be downloaded at no charge from the iTunes App Store. Once a FlightSafety customer is enrolled in a training program, the app will automatically download the course materials. It is currently available for use in a growing number of pilot, maintenance technician and flight attendant courses.

It includes digital training manuals, cockpit posters, flashcards, and guides that serve as a resource for post-course review and reference.

The app also features an advanced notebook function that automatically transfers the customers’ notes and bookmarks to subsequent document versions, company officials said. It also offers a search function, a freehand drawing tool with floating text, and the ability to export document with notes and drawings to the “my documents” area of the app.

More than 8,500 customers are using the FlightSafety app to date.

New interactive features have been added for a ncreasing number of training courses. iFlightDECK offers fully interactive navigation from the Electronic Instrument Panel Poster (eIPP) to the Pilot Training Handbook (PTH). iFlightDECK Cabin is a newly designed interactive and dynamic reference of the cabin operations manual. Aircraft Walkaround Familiarization includes a point-by-point checklist that highlights key exterior aircraft components and demonstrates their functionality. iFlashCards are for memorization and review of a wide variety of procedures, systems and components.

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