AOPA Insurance Services adds commercial coverage

AOPA Insurance Services has launched a new line of coverage for aviation businesses, including FBOs, charter and agricultural aviation businesses, flight schools, repair stations and a variety of other aviation enterprises.

“We’re really excited about this new line of coverage because we know we can offer very competitive rates to FBOs, flight schools and repair stations,” said Bill Snead, president of AOPAIS. “We understand that the margins are thin in these businesses and that cost control and comprehensive coverage can be critical to their success. We want to make sure that they have both.”

AOPAIS celebrated its 20th anniversary in September. It began as a business in 1993 with a single policy for a single-engine Cessna 172, and has since expanded to become the nation’s largest general aviation insurance brokerage.

In addition to the new commercial line of coverage, AOPA Insurance Services has expanded to offer a variety of programs for pilots, including special insurance coverage for flying clubs and an accident forgiveness program. AOPAIS also now manages AOPA’s term life and dismemberment and disability policies.

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