New company takes over Chinook and Beaver LSAs

HOUSTON, Texas/Vernon, BC — Brent and Paulette Holomis report that the legacy of the Chinook and Beaver lines of light-sport aircraft will continue as they have sold the assets of Aircraft Sales and Parts, Ltd. to John and Kim Couch of Gloster Aerodrome (1XA7) near Sealy, outside of Houston.

The new company, Aeroplane Manufactory (AM) will immediately begin producing parts for the Chinook Plus 2 and Beaver RX550 for delivery in early 2014, according to John Couch. It is anticipated full kits will be available later in 2014.

“I knew before we met John and Kim, given their set up and facility, that they were suited for this business — in some regards better than us — but now having met them both, I know 100% that they are ideal for this business and its success,” Paulette Holomis said. “They have the passion, the right attitude and work ethic it takes to make this business work and prosper. We look forward to working with John and Kim to make this happen.”

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  1. Manny Morales says

    Hi there.
    Please let me know if I can buy a few parts for my Chinnok.


  2. Steve says

    Have followed the Chinook a/c for quite a long time since 1st seeing one at sun n fun lakeland fl yrs ago . I saw it appear to go away for a time BUT now read it is back and will be based out of Texas. Is this info correct ? W ill it be offered as kit only are also as a turnkey option? Please any info you can provide will be much appreciated. Finally retired this past yr and ready to own and operate my own a/c after working on and mfg. tooling for aircraft for 32 plus yrs….it IS my time. Thanks for any info you can provide.

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