All-terrain flying car debuts

SkyRunner, a new recreational sports vehicle that is part all-terrain vehicle and part light-sport aircraft, will make its public debut at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this week.

“Airports are not required with SkyRunner,” says Stewart Hamel, SkyRunner founder and CEO. “This vehicle will change the way people experience their world and provide pure enjoyment of flight. Imagine driving an all-terrain vehicle that can convert from road to air mode in three minutes — with SkyRunner, that dream has become a reality.”

SkyRunner uses reflex paraglide wing technology, which is known for its extreme pitch and roll stability, he notes.

“Open fields, grass strips and secluded beaches will be the runways of choice,” says Hamel.

SkyRunner weighs 926 pounds and can accelerate to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds, with a top speed of 115 mph on the ground and 55 mph in the air, according to company officials.

The SkyRunner is powered by a 1.0 liter EcoBoost direct injection turbo engine. Company officials say it will see a 500 mile road range (at 53 mpg) and 200 nautical miles in the air. It is priced at $119,000.

A license to fly SkyRunner can be obtained with 12 hours of flight with a Certified Flight Instructor. Requirements for licensing include a valid driver’s license and a minimum age of 17. An FAA medical certificate is not required. Sport pilot regulations allow flight in daytime, VFR weather in uncontrolled airspace with a ceiling of 10,000 feet above sea level.

Over the next few months SkyRunner will be fulfilling ASTM Design and Manufacturing Standards for its S-LSA certification, company officials said. During this time, the company will accept $1,500 deposits for SkyRunner orders to be delivered in 2014.

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  1. David Gaeddert says

    How many hours has this in actual flight? Any u-tube videos to show? What does this look like with wings extended? Concept is intriguing, but drives me more to my own garage with my own ingenuity than to plumb my checkbook for $119k. Hope to see how it actually works out!
    Love the idea of wings on my HD Sportster, Mr. Rod Beck! Come for a ride/flight with me?

  2. Greg W says

    Be as sarcastic as you want guys. I think it is too expensive as well, but, it is in the average price range of new S-LSA aircraft. It would be a great recreational vehicle as the parafoil wing would stow easily to allow travel into town etc. Granted it is not a great machine like the ICON, oh wait that doesn’t work and is priced at $180K, but that is what makes it viable!, to the pundits in the media at least. Something that is simple and does meet a need, the recreation industry is huge, is priced at a point alongside the current offerings, must be demonized. It is much easier to bitch about the simple solutions to anything than to actually DO SOMETHING! Keep telling everyone that flying has to be expensive, has to be used for “business” and you certainly must be IFR with the latest glass panel, with a little luck you will all get your wish and only Delta and Aeroflot will be flying.

    • says

      Mr.Greg, Sarcastic, or just a few folks who AREN’T living in Disney Land?
      Could you spell the word PRACTICAL for us?
      Oh, and one last thing; I suggest you don’t apply as a marketing director for ANY product that makes “cent$”, however, an opening may soon exist over at the “Flying Semi” company soon!

  3. Lee Ensminger says

    I’m picturing the marketing strategy meeting: “It’s an ATV that will go as fast as most light sport airplanes and can be converted to flight, where it will promptly slow to half that speed. Where to roll it out for its introduction? I’ve got it! A BOAT show…”

    I think Dennis Miller could probably do something with that.

    • says

      “Lardo; Does the “base model’ ($119,000) come with a cloth or leather interior?
      How about “0”% financing? Will you take my 78 Granada (original owner) on trade AND my 1999 Ultralight (still owe $4,351 on it) too?
      This is the “build and THEY will come” mentality at its best!
      Hope they have Morris as their ad agency!

  4. says

    NEXT: The “Flying Motorcycle” – by Harley-Davidson? –
    NOTE: AND, this being under 1,320 lbs, MAY qualify it as an LSA-
    PLUS Mogas eligible? Talk about cost effective!!!

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